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Animations / 3D Stuff

The following are Pictures and Movies made by ME on Poser 5, 3D Studio Max  and/or Lightwave 3D...
To view the TRUE picture , Right click then go to  "Save Picture As", Then you wil be able to see the picture in full with full detail...


WORK IN PROGRESS - This is called a 'fly through' where there is a fixed 3D set and the camera flies through, keep a look out for the photographic detail on certain objects...

click here to download Movie 1


THE FLASH has lost his...well FLASH over the years, a hero with super speed in a tight red sute seems to be lacking against a blind man in a tight red suit...

click here to download Movie 3


WORK IN PROGRESS - This is my own rendition of 'Bullet Time' it is in its very early phase, when its finished the camera will swing more and there wil many more bullets...

click here to download Movie 2


The new X-Men movie made me wonder if i could do that... I was able to make this figure of Cyclops... The movie ain't that great but the laser is pritty cool...
(When watching this its best to loop it to get the full effect)

click here to download Movie 4

All of the above were made by me NOT YOU... And the pictures above arnt to be used on any other sites with out MY permission. some of the modles are mine some arn't but I HAVE been given full permission to use them....